Brand for Minimalists,

With a Sustainability Vision

Bentokai designs products which declutter your life. 

Part of profit is invested back in changing polluting factories.

For People who are Minimalists and are for Sustainability

Minimalistic Design

Minimalism is for everyone who believes in simplicity.

Our goal is to declutter and give you the best design experience.

Create a Change

We combine Minimalism with Sustainability.

For every product you buy we invest back in sustainability initiatives.

Minimalism as Design

Minimalism isn’t just for revolutionary thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi. Minimalism is for everyone. 

It surrounds a particular goal of simplicity and self-sufficiency that anyone can take on, even you. All you need to do is that take that first step.

Bentokai creates products to help you achieve minimalism.

Identifying a  Problem

Pollution from the leather industry leads to severe environmental and health problems. 


What do we do for Sustainability?

We choose a pressing sustainability problem which is not widely addressed and invest on it. Leather industry is one of the most polluting industries that can be changed!

What Change?

We work with factories by giving them necessary resources to stop this pollution and provide fair working conditions.


How You help in this Change?

When you buy a Minimalistic product from us, we take a part of the profit to invest in solving the problem.


What was the impact?

Your product will reach you with an information of what positive impact achieved. 

Example: You helped change a factory X in India 


Vlad Butucariu


Nick Yap


Kaarmuhilan Kalaiyarasan

Sustainability Engineer

Martijn Ross


Team Bentokai

What is Minimalistic Power Case?

Bentokai Power Case is a phone case which has a built-in power bank. This power bank can wirelessly charge your phone with just a tap!!

Don't worry about forgetting your charger, power bank

Don't run out of power during important moments

Messy cables were the thing of the past

Don't sweat over forgotten power bank and cables anymore.

For Minimalists

Power Case


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