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Bentokai Stack keeps the desk essentials organised, frees you from wires so that you can focus on what matters


Stack together


Phone stand


Dual fast charging

Modular system

We've designed the Bentokai Stack for over a year to meet the right balance of flexibility and utility.

By having everything neatly organized in one place, the Bentokai Stack helps instill a more focused work environment that empowers you to be more productive and do your best work. Our organizer trays come in different layouts and when your work is finished, simply stack it together for a perfect, secure fit holding your essentials in place.

Adapting to your workflow

In this day and age concentration and focus have become a commodity, with many distractions competing for attention. All work requires focus and our purpose is to reclaim your attention, help you focus and get you in charge.

The Bentokai Stack's modular design effortlessly fits your unique style and reflects who you are. Customize it to your needs and simply make it adjust to your workflow. 

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charger module

landscape module

notes module