Bentokai is a brand for people who care about design and conscious of supporting a Sustainability Movement

Do you like minimalistic products and love nature? 

The Leather Industry is one of the worst polluters in the world. The purchase you make will go into transforming one manufacturer and making them eco-friendly. 

Movement for People who are into Design and Sustainability

Premium Quality

The best of material is hand picked for making our products. This includes premium vegetable tanned leather and special quality bamboo.

Minimalistic Design

Create a Change

Our Designers ensure all of our products are minimalistic. Every product we make is made to stand out for its minimalism.

Why should you care?

Pollution from the leather industry leads in many countries to severe environmental and health problems. To change this we need to work with manufacturers who produce leather and show them how to do it sustainably.

What makes like


Here is where you come in. By buying this leather journal you contribute to the transformation. As a token of your contribution you receive a stylish leather journal.

How does it work?


When you buy our Leather Journal it contributes to make an impact to polluting factories

How can You create Change?

What Change?


We have reached out to manufacturers who are willing to participate in the change. For this to work out, we need to show them how. This means sustainably producing one batch of leather (1000 sq.ft). 

We compile orders from awesome individuals like yourself and take it to the manufacturer. We produce it sustainably and invest in necessary steps to sustain the sustainable production in the future.


How bad is the Problem?

Team Bentokai

Team Bentokai comprises of people who are personally connected to the cause. Kaarmuhilan, Sustainable Process Engineer focuses on ensuring sustainable production. Vlad is our designer, Martijn manages marketing. Nick has decades of experience with manufacturers enabling our sustainable vision.

A5 size Sustainable

The Leather Journal is an intimate companion. It represents who you are - stylish, organised and doing the right thing.

Why should you buy one?

Your purchase is going to make a direct impact


The leather used is of premium quality

The Leather Journal you buy will be your stylish companion and Symbol of Change

The Leather Journal is a Dutch design inspired by a minimalist style

Leather Journal

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