5 Minimalist Tips to Making a Small Space Seem Bigger

Transitioning to a smaller place comes with both pros and cons. On one hand, you’ll probably have cheaper rent so you can use your money in other ways throughout your life. On the other hand, it may be hard to bring some of your things over from your larger place. Even though it’s good to purge your things every once … Read More

Gifts to Buy Your Favorite Minimalist

Shopping for a minimalist can turn into quite the stressful event. You may be thinking, “What do you get someone that would rather live with less?” The answer to that question is: inspiration. The key to shopping for a minimalist is to give them well-thought out gifts that deliver positivity and joy. Think beyond just a card that’ll sit aimlessly … Read More

10 Steps to Decluttering Like a Minimalist

Whether you’re a hardcore minimalist or don’t even know what the term means, you probably aren’t a huge fan of clutter. Having clutter, no matter where it is, can often bring about immense amounts of stress that no one needs in their life. What better way to expel stress from your life than to declutter, but not just to declutter, … Read More

How Clutter Almost Killed My Career

I have a confession to make. My phone is the epicenter of both my personal and professional lives. The steady stream of notifications I receive help me feel focused, informed, and prepared to take on my day. It starts first thing in the morning. As I walk to the train station on my way to work, I check the train … Read More

10 Inspirations for Minimalist Home Decor

    Bringing minimalist home decor into the 21st century has a lot to do with the seamless merge of practicality and an attractive aesthetic. You’ll also see a ton of neutral colors, whether it’s painted on the walls or put into the decor. It’s often multi-functional without looking cluttered. These aspects come together to create a vibe that is effortlessly … Read More

10 Steps to Downsizing Your Closet

As busy human beings, we often forget about something as minuscule as our closets, much less the size of them. But, there are many benefits to having a smaller closet that’ll impact your life more than you think. For example, you’d have more time to utilize in the morning, possibly more money in your bank account, and generally less stress … Read More

Why You Should Be Inspired By Japanese Minimalism

The beautiful simplicity of Japanese minimalism is a phenomenon that has spread not only throughout Japan itself but around the whole entire world. It is a mindset that surrounds key aesthetics and promotes reducing the stress caused by excess and falling in love with the phrase “less is more.” It’s interpreted through things like decor, fashion, and general lifestyle. Due … Read More

The First Steps Towards a Sustainable Lifestyle

For some, the idea of sustainable living appears to be an impossible feat. The concept of being part of a progressive change that contributes to a greener world can seem intimidating, and we tend to underestimate our abilities to fulfill that mission. We look at global environmental leaders like David Suzuki, who have fought for a sustainable future for decades … Read More

7 Steps to Beginning a Minimalist Life Today

Minimalism isn’t just for revolutionary thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi. Minimalism is for everyone. It surrounds a particular goal of simplicity and self-sufficiency that anyone can take on, even you. All you need to do is that take that first step. Today is the day to become a minimalist. Incorporate these seven simple steps into your daily routine and you’ll start … Read More