10 Inspirations for Minimalist Home Decor

    Bringing minimalist home decor into the 21st century has a lot to do with the seamless merge of practicality and an attractive aesthetic. You’ll also see a ton of neutral colors, whether it’s painted on the walls or put into the decor. It’s often multi-functional without looking cluttered. These aspects come together to create a vibe that is effortlessly minimalistic. But, in order to find your perfect minimalist home decor, you have to decide what your style is and find ways to merge the two. If you need a glimpse into what minimalist home decor may look like, then take a look down below at ten beautiful inspirations.

1. Simple Stripes

    If you’re concerned about your space looking bare, think about introducing a printed accent like a pillow or a rug. These pieces often bring a room together and add character without adding clutter. For a unique, yet put-together space, try and get pieces that are in the same style (stripes, printed, etc.) but aren’t identical.


  1. Grow Into It

Plants breathe life (literally) into your space. Add a couple of plants into your bedroom or living room, and watch as each unique piece takes shape. Some great starter houseplants include aloe, peace lily, and the snake plant. These all don’t require too much maintenance, and they would look absolutely gorgeous in any room. Also, adding plants into your room can improve the air quality. In turn, they do more than just look gorgeous and add an eco-friendly vibe.


  1. Art is Life

    Adding simplistic art can add a pop of color to any part of your home. To save money and reduce clutter, you can find some gorgeous pieces online to print off and showcase. Geometric shapes, like the ones featured above, are a great starting piece.  For gorgeous frames, try your local thrift store. Frames may seem like a small piece of your home, but they can add a ton of well-needed character without adding excessive clutter.


  1. Store It Away

    Look for bare, geometric shapes in your storage. Also, try to keep things one color to help the room look as streamlined as possible. Try and keep the same wood or paint color throughout your shelving, dressers, and other storage throughout your home. Don’t be afraid to look at storage as a possible DIY project as well. There are a ton of tutorials online to help you build the storage of your minimalist dreams, even while repurposing things that are already in your home.

  1. Industrial Hints

Utilizing an industrial aesthetic is a great way to seamlessly repurpose other items that might be in your office or bathroom and turn them into home decor. It also is a great way to merge the worlds of practicality and aesthetic. Don’t be afraid of looking in places like home improvement stores and office supply shops for your decor. You may be able to find diamonds in the rough that can bring out your true minimalist style.

  1. Keep it in the Family

    If you’re looking to stray away from the typical black or white often seen in minimalist home decor, at least try to keep it in the same color family. That will make the space look neat and well-thought through. Whether it’s through the usage of various woods or one solid color, it’ll help the overall vibe of the space.


  1. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are a great way to make your space look bigger without adding clutter. They can also be found in very eccentric shapes or frames that add to your style and the vibe of the room. Big department stores would be a great place to find a cheaper mirror. But, yet again, a thrift store or a yard sale might be a great way to a beautiful, authentic piece.


  1. Don’t Neglect Small Spaces

As you work your style through various parts of your home, smaller spaces can often be overlooked. Places like bathrooms and laundry rooms can turn into opportunities to embrace a minimalist style even more. Think outside the box on how you can eliminate clutter out of these cramped spaces and you may find that you can get a lot more out of them. Treat it with the same love as you would your living room or bedroom.


  1. Lighting is Key

Lighting is a fantastic way to open up a space. Take notice of the windows that you have access to around your home, and try to keep them as open as possible (while still maintaining your privacy, of course!) Bright, neutral-colored walls can also have the same effect. It bounces around light and makes the whole room feel rejuvenated. The natural light and the bright walls merge with each other and create a large-feeling, put-together space. A great thing to invest in would be blinds, so you can have as much control of the natural lighting as possible.


  1. Stay Comfortable

Don’t let what you might perceive as “minimalist home decor” make you throw away things that make you happy. The main idea of minimalism is to learn how to live more with less, but it’s also about being as happy and fulfilled as possible. If you’re in love with your book collection, then hold onto those books. If you keep your childhood pillow around because it makes you happy, then absorb that happiness and keep it moving. Transitioning to a minimalist lifestyle means to reevaluate your things and hopefully realize that most of your physical things don’t bring you happiness. But, if some of them do, don’t feel bad about it. Just live.

Traditional minimalist home decor surrounds neutral colors, merging functionality with aesthetic, and relieving as much stress as possible. But, to truly find happiness within a minimalist lifestyle, you must merge your style with minimalism and find a happy medium. You are the one that has to live in your home. Make it a place that reflects who you are as a person, and relieving yourself of meaningless excess will soon come as a result. Happy decor hunting!

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