Gifts to Buy Your Favorite Minimalist

Shopping for a minimalist can turn into quite the stressful event. You may be thinking, “What do you get someone that would rather live with less?” The answer to that question is: inspiration. The key to shopping for a minimalist is to give them well-thought out gifts that deliver positivity and joy. Think beyond just a card that’ll sit aimlessly on a shelf or a throwaway gift that you may get from your local mall at short notice. If you’re still at a loss for what to pick up for your favorite minimalist, here are a couple of suggestions.


    The best minimalists start their day with their favorite rejuvenating drink whether it be coffee, tea, or their favorite green juice. Gifting your favorite minimalist a mug can provide them with some well-needed morning inspiration. Also, this is a gift that they can bring anywhere. Whether they’re at the coffee shop or in the library, having a personalized mug in hand will keep their spirit alive. Also, at its core, they can be aesthetically gorgeous and give them the perfect opportunity to express their unique personality.

Good Vibes Only

Who doesn’t want a gift that radiates positivity? This mug will put them in the right mindset to start their day off with a smile as big as the sun. Also, when people see this mug they’ll know to leave their negativity at the door before they choose to interact with them. Everybody needs that inspiration to keep positivity alive.

You Are Enough

Positive affirmations are important in the lives of many, but especially minimalists. Looking at this mug in the wee hours of the morning will give them that boost of confidence that’ll be just as revitalizing as the coffee they’re sipping on. It also gives them the perfect moment to readjust their mindset and check in with themselves and their mental health. We all need those opportunities to become more at one with ourselves and our true beings, and taking a sip from this cup of coffee gives just that.


    If you’re looking to go more literal than figurative, then this is the mug for you. This is the mug for the minimalist who’s in love with telling the people around them that they’re a minimalist. If you know someone with that mindset, give them this mug so they can share their love with the world (also, it provides the perfect segue to re-talk about their favorite minimalist book that they’ve already mentioned a thousand and one times.)



    Gifting wall art is a great way to help your favorite minimalist add a bit of personality into their home without adding clutter. When you’re looking for a poster that’ll fit right into their space, be sure to analyze their personal style and ask yourself the key question, “Will they actually use it?”

“Every Exit is an Entrance Somewhere Else”

    This is a stellar quote that encourages those who see it to think more positively. Its color scheme gives it the ability to fit into most themed decor. But also, if they prefer things a bit barer, then this poster will fit their preferences as well.


“Less is More”

    As a minimalist mantra, this poster would fit perfectly in any room. Also, like the previous poster, its color scheme gives it the ability to fit in any decor, whether themed or bare. No matter what type of minimalist that they might be, they’re surely going to enjoy this poster.


Tote Bag

    Tote bags can be used in a variety of different ways which makes them perfect for minimalists. Need a bag to get through a day of shopping on the town? A tote would be wonderful. Need a reusable bag to use for your groceries? Pick up a tote. Need something to hold all your beach day essentials? A tote bag is big enough to hold it all, even a hefty towel. In turn, when you gift a tote bag to a minimalist, you’re giving them a solution to a ton of life’s problems.



    Here is yet another gift that’ll help your favorite minimalist showcase their love of living with less. The neutral color of the bag will fit with a ton of different outfits and has the potential to be used every day. Maybe they’ll be able to spark up a conversation about minimalist with their favorite librarian while using this to carry their books? Only time will tell.


Good Vibes Only

    If they carry this while they’re on the town, there’s no way negativity is going to touch them. Also, like the previous bag, this neutral color helps it fit onto every outfit and into every situation. Surely, there’s nothing that this tote bag can’t do for your favorite minimalist. This bag is like having a bottle of negativity repellant on your body at all times, and who wouldn’t want that?


    A pillowcase doesn’t necessarily add clutter since everybody has pillows. It does add a deeper sense of personality to any room. Whether they use it as a toss pillow on their couch or to snooze on in the bedroom, they’re definitely going to get a ton of use out of this gift.


“Live the Life You Have Imagined”

    This quote penned by the legendary philosopher Henry David Thoreau is a perfect source of inspiration. What better place for morning inspiration than right on your pillow? It’s also a great gift for any minimalist that’s in love with literature. Thanks to its simplistic black and white design, it’ll fit in on any minimalist’s decor whether they’re looking to find something that matches or pick out a piece to stand out.

You may think that since a minimalist chooses to live with less means they wouldn’t appreciate a gift, but that’s not true. They just want gifts that have meaning behind them and would get a ton of use out of. With each of these motivational gifts, it can influence your favorite minimalist to live their best life and pass on their minimalist lifestyle to the next individual. The enjoyment that they would get from these gifts is unmatched, and any minimalist would surely benefit from receiving any one of them.

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